It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

CT 101 went way better that expected it to be. I was able to be creative and discuss topics I enjoy, especially on my website. I never would of thought  I would have the ability to create my own gifs via photoshop or even through YouTube. Also with the help of, which I never heard of before until CT 101, gave me the opportunity to find the exact emotion I desired for my post.

Other things I appreciated about CT 101 is learning how to develop and maintain a website. I never thought I would even know how to establish this medium at this age. I believe by the push of developing my own website for  CT101, I will know the necessary steps to create a more professional website and domain in the future. If not I will always be able to use this one. Lastly with creating this website, it has inspired me to explore the web side of things. Originally coming to York College wanting to be a Communication Technology, I desired to learn about television instead of computer. I do not think I would be good at it. Know I believe I want to further pursue the computer side. I wish I was able focus on both. To help me with my website and plugins, I watched videos on Youtube to help me with the MetaSlider plugin.

Through CT 101 I was able to acquire information about things that I did not even know where a things. For example Vaporwave, which I found pretty interesting. I was about to watched videos on YouTube to educate me more about the history of vapor wave and how going about constructing one. To get some inspiration on how I should create my own Vaporwave, I used Google images. Here are some of my favorite Vaporwaves I have seem so far.

But I truly believe CT 101 would not be the way it is with our professor. Ryan Seslow made everything easy to understand and made it fun. None of the assignment in class felt like work. Each post was enjoyable and to have each student to have a platform were we are express are creativity and discuss what we like made it more fantastic.


When you are starving in class so you make an animation about donuts

During class I could not stop thinking about how hungry I was. That morning I skipped breakfast so I would not be late for class, and I did not have time to pick up anything from the store. Likewise, I chose this image as an animation because I have the craziest sweet tooth, plus I have never witnessed a drink so delicious.

Even though this is not my first time using Photoshop, it was my first time creation a GIF on it. For the assignment I did struggle quite a bit. The most challenging part of creating this animation design for me was being able to turn all the images I saved into a GIF. I had forgotten what to press. But with the help of a classmate we figured it out together.



Last week was my first experience with the website Newhive.  Its is a place where individuals are able to display their creative work and ideas. Its purpose is to showcase artist who have remixed other art in their own way. My first creation was based of on the Halloween holiday. I used a haunted house with a very hippies like background animation. I believe Newhive is an interesting way to constructed collages and vapor waves, but I honestly hard the hardest time with this website. When publishing my work, on my Newhive page, it does not appear, which is completely frustrating. The concept of Newhive is cool but I just do not understand it.

Here is my first Newhive creation: (First-newhive)

A gift from Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American Artist known for his unique pieces and in August 12, 1988 due to a drug overdose. Basquiat is known for his primitive style and his collaboration with  Andy Warhol. He first attracted attention for his graffiti under the name “SAMO” in New York City.  He tagged subway trains and Manhattan buildings with cryptic aphorisms. Jean-Michel Basquiat rise coincided with the emergence of a new art movement, Neo-Expressionism, bringing in new, young and experimental artists that included Julian Schnabel and Susan Rothenberg.

Now his pieces for $110 Million, which is how much Yusaku Maezawa bought his Basquiat piece for. $110 million is is know to be the highest price for a piece of artwork by an American artist.

My aunt, Kim Reeder knew Basquiat in her late 20’s and he created an art piece  just from her in 1984. Recently published an article interviewing her about her relationship with Basquiat. In the phone interview she stated “I was dating his roommate, so we were in the same house all the time,” and “We were always together, like the Three Musketeers,” Reeder said, remembering the long hours they would spend “drinking Cristal at Mr. Chow’s” and hanging in the studio late into the night as Basquiat finished works that would be ready for pick-up by his gallery the next morning. (ArtNews)

Traveling to my aunt’s house in New Jersey for the Holidays and Summers, I never knew who this piece was from. It was always hanging on the living room wall but I honestly never paid the piece any mind. Not until recently was I introduced about Jean-Michel Baquiat and his legacy.

‘It Was Just a Gift from a Friend’: An Old Basquiat Associate Sets Out to Authenticate a Drawing

My Favorite Youtuber Aaliyah Jay

When a young women starts to think about wearing makeup, one would instantly think they would go to their mother or close female relatives to aid them in the makeup process. Instead, I went straight to Youtube. Youtube has numerous MUA Guros  who can help young ladies like myself learn how to achieve a look they are looking for. This goes for hair, makeup, nails, clothes, and more. For about 3-4 years MsAaliyahJay has been the only makeup Youtuber I view and actually love. She has taught me to how to apply foundation, contour, and put false lashed on my face

The reason fell in love with AaliyahJay I can relate to her. We are both from NYC, we enjoy the same things, her makeup is flawless, and she is drop dead gorgeous. What makes me adore Aaliyah even more is witnessing her growth. Now she is doing projects with NYX makeup, Maybelline, BooHoo, an online clothing store, and even starred on TNT’s show Claws. She inspires to me to hustle hard for my dreams and goals, knowing that anything thing is possible. Not only do I obtain knowledge about makeup, but she also shares interesting and hilarious stories from her “STORY TIME” videos, as well as VLOG’s about her personal life.

Over the years, she has gained over 1 million subscribers on Youtube, similar to her Instagram, and Twitter accounts. With her following, she collects more and more success, but with success also comes hates. There are also a lot of individuals who hate her and believe she is a fraud. I believe they are jealous of all the projects she has completed at such a young age.

You guys can look for yourself, but here are some of my favorite videos from her Youtube channel:


Christmas Time

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The Christmas decorations, the trees, watching the fresh snow falls on the ground and the ice skating. Christmas is about singing Christmas carols, watching all the Christmas movies in the world, and drinking hot coco and eggnog. It consist of ugly sweaters, knitted gloves, and giving to the ones you love.

The only displeasure about Christmas is the madness at the mall when shopping for gifts. As a person who shops online 85% of the time, you would think that I would do the same for Christmas shopping. But if you buy online you will know that can be risky and I did not want to take any chances for this year. When going to the mall the day after Black Friday, there were still nothing but sales and extremely long lines, which I had no patience for. One of the worst lines I was on was the one for GameStop. I bought Grand Theft Auto 5 and 2k18 for my boyfriend. For these two games, my mother and I stayed on like for at least 45 minutes.

Not only is holiday shopping crazy, but you realize you are dishing out a lot of money. So far I got my mother 3 charms from Pandora which came up to about $100 and I am not done shopping for her. I AM A BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT how in the world am I going to survive. Plus I have to get gifts for my father, sister, my boyfriend’s mother, and more gifts for my boyfriends. Hopefully I find a way to get all these gifts with out emptying at pockets.



My New Love for Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, including several who began their careers at the facility as interns. One of the doctors and the show’s namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. She struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital’s one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them — Webber and Meredith’s mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young. (Google) 

About a month ago, I recently started to watch the  hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I have been told several times by my peers to watch this show but I wanted to finish watching ‘Shameless’, ‘Prison Break’, and ‘Orange Is The New Black.’  Now, I am the 6th season into Grey’s Anatomy and I have 7 more seasons to go according to Netflix. This show will make you fall in love with each character. The audience is able to witness the characters grow into better human beings and better surgeons. This series also covers serious topics like racism, homosexuality, and more. The creator is the talented Shonda Rhimes, who is also known for her projects ‘Scandal’ starring Keri Washington and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ starring Viola Davis. To give a synopsis about the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, here is an article recapping the highlights of each season.

Grey’s Anatomy will make anyone laugh, cry, and shock the crap out of you with its plot twist. I strongly recommend you watch it!

Channel : MissSassyKassie


The Stress of School!

Currently I am battling the stress of the last couple weeks of school, including finals week. For this week a had to complete four assignment and I have not even started one. The first assignment is from my CT 101 class. In this course, we are creating a prototype for CUNYfirst. The new application is easier was to access CUNYfirst and is not as confusing. The second assignment is a Case Study for my Financing class. This consist of a 10 pages paper about being a finance advisor, helping individuals to save for their retirement, emergencies, and more. With that, I also have to conduct a presentation for the class about this case. Lastly, for my CT 101 I have to come up with several blogs because I am totally behind.

What is really stressing me out is one of my professors. In my opinion, he is one of the worst professor I have had in a while. In order for me to learn, I have to study/practices the material given so I can get an understanding of what is being looked for. For this class (I am not going to mention the name of the professor of what class) the professor barely goes through any of the problems and when you ask him for help it makes you even more confused than you were before. Do not get me wrong, he is a nice and reasonable guy, I just cannot stand how he teaches. He excepts his students to knew what he is talking about, but half of the class have never took a class similar to this one. Also, this professor does not revise anything and he tends to make a lot of mistakes that obviously effects the learning for the student.  I literally had to use the Internet and videos on Youtube to get me through the semester. I just pray I pass this finally with a 70 because I am through stressing. All in all, I should have dropped the class when I had the chance.

A Weekend in the Sun & The Craziest Uber Ride

From November 9th to the 12th, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to visit my older sister Kim. The purpose of this trip was not only to visit her, but to get away from for the upcoming winter weather in NYC.  We were completely excited about taking our third trip together and going on a plane. Even though I have been to Florida millions of times with my two best friends, I was grateful to go with my other half.

For this three day vacation, my boyfriend and I tried to go to as many places as possible. First place we stopped at was Sungrass Mills mall, one of the biggest outlet mall in the US. After the mall, we headed to a restaurant called Bahama Breeze for strawberry pinacolada’s and more. Later that night we travelled to South Beach Ocean Drive to get a taste of the night life, were we had the craziest Uber ride. And the last full day we spent the whole day at Deerfield Beach Park drinking, eating and listening to music.

The Uber Pool ride back to my sisters apartment was literally a movie! It was 3am on Ocean Drive. It was the weekend so everyone is acting wild, drinking, smoking, eating, just enjoying themselves. While my boyfriend and I were waiting for the Uber Pool, we said to each other, “watch we get someone one drink in the Uber.” Guess what? We got a drunk. When I first hopped in the car there was a lady in the passenger seat crying her eyes out and the Uber driver handing her tissues. I asked her if she was okay because I hate seeing people cry, but once I heard her speak, I just knew to was wasted. The reason she was crying is because the man she was with “smacked another woman’s butt or her butt” and she lost it.

One minute she was laughing the next minute she was crying and another minute she was throwing up. The first time she wanted to throw up, she asking the Uber driver for a bag. The next time she asked, he ran out of bags and had to pullover on the highway. This lady was a mess and I kind of felt bed because if was completely humiliating. After a while she said “F it” and started throwing out of the window while he was driving. Instantly I moved from the seat behind her because I did not want to get hit with chunks of vomit. When we finally dropped her home, there was a man laying faced down on her lawn, at the moment my boyfriend, the Uber driver, and myself were thinking that must be the guy she was so livid with.

This is when we pulled over on the highway:

After dropping her off the Uber driver started telling us about this issues. He is a Turkish man how was trying get his Green Card, I believe, and he failed. Supposedly he arranged a marriage to a “loser,”  claiming this women stoled his social security and open multiple credit cards in his man. From the stories he told us, she seems to be a con artist.

When we finally got to our destination we had to wake up Kim and tell her about the craziest Uber ride ever.




Humanitarians Make Me Happy

In my 21 years of living, I have came to the conclusion that a lot of things make me happy. Whether it be thought of love, my family, my friends, food, TV shows/movies, music and more. There is nothing like seeing people take their time to help and aid someone when they do not have to.

With Hurricane Harvey demolishing homes and destroying families, we, the viewers, witness people assisting each other and giving back during this time, no matter the age or race. We see people coming together as one, having a shoulder to lean on.  Even USA Today published a video of humanitarian efforts on this devastating hurricane, displaying the actions actions of care.

We see celebrities like Beyonce giving food to Hurricane Harvey survivors while other celebrities donating money, and essential products.